Choosing the best non stick cookware

non stick panLet’s begin by clarifying a few important things. One, what is non stick cookware? This is simply cookware that does not have food sticking on the surface when heated to high levels. Non-stick status is achieved by coating the cookware metal with a material that does not react easily when heated. Teflon is mostly used for this purpose. Two, benefits of non stick. The first one, obviously, is well, non-stick. This ensures you only eat what went into the pot, not a reactive compound that may harm you. There is also the factor of allowing you to use less cooking fat, you know what that means. Then there is the ease of cleaning. Three, even non stick cookware can have food sticking if it is overheated or once it has worn out. The recommended heat is around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but it will usually be indicated on specific models. Read more reviews on nonstick cookware before you buy.

Simply Calphalon
While it is a bit heavy, I would recommend Calphalon as a non stick because the weight compensates for durability, and also allows for heating to a significantly higher degrees than other models. That is from personal experience, but reviews back this up too.At around $200 for a 10-pc set, it is actually a good buy. There are complains of the coat wearing out when put in the dishwasher, but you can simply avoid this by not putting it in there. If you must, wait for your cookware to cool down before putting it in.

Paula Deen Signature Porcelain Enamel
If you love a traditional look, this is for you. Porcelain-enamel is already easy to clean in itself, the non stick is a sort of bonus. It is durable, and once the non stick wears out, replacement does not become an emergency; you can push the porcelain a bit.A little downside: It takes a while to heat up.

Anolon advanced nonstick
I have not used Anolon myself, but I have a friend who does, and I eat at her place often. Her food never got stuck, she’s never complained about cleaning, and she rarely shops for non stick cookware. When she does, it has to be Anolon. Surely, that’s enough to guarantee a recommendation. She says Anolon is for the budget shopper, so, if that is you, there you go!
Remember, all non stick cookware will need a little caution than normal ware in cleaning and storage.