Good Rice Cookers to Buy

A rice cooker is a really useful tool if you try to avoid disappointing results when cooking rice. Also, rice cookers can be used for cooking many more meals like for example pasta, chicken, soup or vegetables. Here are some good rice cookers that I recommend.
First of all, is the Black & Decker 6 cup rice cooker with steamer basket. It is one quite basic but very good rice cooker and is the cheaper choice, as it costs about 13,88 dollars on Walmart. This rice cooker is an ideal choice for me as I can make up to six cups of rice. What I really cannot stand, is the excessive cleaning after every time of cooking with a pot. The stuck food on the bottom of the pots can make me sick, but cooking with this rice cooker has really made my life much painless, as it has a removable cooking bowl and a nonstick coat that is super easy to clean. Moreover, it is fully customizable and it gives you the option to turn off the cooking automatically and just function to keep the food warm. One of its major advantages which has really helped me a lot, is that it has a divider that can separate the food inside the bowl, so you can cook different meals simultaneously.

Another good rice cooker is the Aroma 8-cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. Its price is 29,92 dollars on Walmart. This rice cooker in my opinion is the most ideal cook helper for a hard working person, as it can be programmed to start the cooking and end before you return home. So, you will find warm high quality and nutrient rice or other meals ready to eat. This rice cooker is super easy to use with just the hit of a button. I can prepare up to 8 cups of rice. What I like most of this cooker is that it has different levels with lots of space, that allow to cook different recipes in less time.

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-cup Rice(uncooked) cooker and warmer is one good but more expensive choice of a rice cooker. It costs 138,59 dollars on Amazon and it can cook 6 cups of rice. Although its price is more expensive, for me it is a real asset to have a rice cooker that can boil rice correctly for sushi. Moreover, it has an LCD screen and modern design. For beginners of cooking, this machine offers measuring lines that assist on calculating the amount of ingredients to be used. Also, it has reheating and automatic cooking options.

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