We now give bread makers as wedding gifts

I know bread makers seem a bit odd for wedding gifts, but every newly wed couple can do with one at home. Buying breads is an expensive affair, and nowadays everybody works. My husband is more Internet savvy than I, so he spends a lot of time doing window shopping, which I suspect is his way of avoiding listening to what I am saying. Nevertheless, I trust his wisdom on many things, and I leave wedding gifts decisions to him. It is one thing to do shopping for our home, and it is another thing to do shopping for others. I simply don’t have time.


Honestly, modern bread makers fit our budget for wedding gifts, at least gifts at most of the weddings. But the first such bread maker ordered from an online store actually came for our home. I admit I was overjoyed with the looks and lack of mess while baking and cleaning. I am able to get folding bread, and many other varieties of baking jobs from this beautiful black colored appliance which watches me cook in kitchen. We have more than recovered our investment in less than 3 years and I am still in love with this little appliance.

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Searching for bread making machines is again a time consuming affair, right? But if you have family members who will do all the surfing and short list a few for you to take a managerial call, you have the best family in the world. I simply do not have patience to read through those lengthy best bread maker reviews, which confuse me. Our bread maker actually got a few negative reviews. I was surprised. My husband mentioned that the reviewer possibly did not follow the instructions. Am I glad to be married to such a knowledgeable man? You bet. He is so meticulous that he even staples special instructions about the bread maker we order for friend’s weddings, so that the newly weds do not have any problems with the appliance. I know this is not done usually, but honestly, everybody who gifts any appliance that they are delighted with should consider emphasizing such instructions. This little help can make the gift worthwhile.

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